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 What We Do / Relationship Development & Training / Contract Administration Training
  Training Supervisors and Shop Stewards

The administration of a collective bargaining agreement, and the ability and willingness of the front-line supervisor and the union shop steward to work together effectively, are the foundation of a sound and productive labor-management relationship

FMCS’ Contract Administration Training program emphasizes relationship-building and definition of leadership roles. The program teaches interpersonal and communication skills necessary for a cooperative working relationship.

Other topics covered include:
  • History of labor-management relations
  • Collective bargaining
  • Contract administration roles and responsibilities
  • Grievance mediation and handling
  • Arbitration

Federal mediators serve as trainers, and can work with stewards and supervisors together or separately, although joint training is recommended. The program is targeted at leaders in new bargaining relationships in initial contracts, new leaders in existing relationships, and for those who want to be updated on the latest developments in administrative practices. The program can also be custom-designed to meet an organization’s specific needs.