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FAQ about Notices and Filings

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FAQ about Notices and Filings

FMCS' primary responsibility is to mediate collective bargaining negotiations and to otherwise assist in development of improved workplace negotiations

We do not handle unfair labor practices or elections under the National Labor Relations Act, nor do we interpret or enforce any statutes or regulations governing notice requirements or labor relations.
Who should I contact regarding alledged unfair labor practices or interpretation of statutes or regulations?

What are the requirements for filing a strike notice in a health care case?

What section of the Act requires the parties to file notice?

Was the 8(d) notice filed on time?

Are there different requirements for health care and non-health care institutions?

Can the 10 day notice (in the health care industry) be extended?

Does the union have to give new notice if it does not strike or picket at the time specified?

Can FMCS tell me whether my notice was filed on time?

If I have to file a charge, can I ask a mediator to testify regarding the bargaining sessions, or during a grievance mediation?

Will a mediator at least talk to an investigator from the NLRB or a local/state agency about the conduct at negotiations?

If a mediator appears to be biased, where do I file a complaint?